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About jobs in Guelph

Located in one of the strongest economic regions in Canada, Guelph is the ideal destination for companies to access major markets and customer. Guelph, with a growing population of 125,000, is a welcoming city for new or expanding business and is known for its diverse and stable economy. The Guelph area is attractive not only to advanced manufacturing companies, but also to Agri-food and Innovation firms and Environmental Management and Technology companies. Advanced manufacturing is the largest employer is Guelph. Guelph's manufacturing sector consists of approximately 360 businesses, and accounts for approximately 14,755 jobs in Guelph (25% of Guelph's labour force). Its diverse sector members range from high precision manufacturing and auto parts assembly to plastic injection moulding machines manufacturing and automation devices. This enables advanced manufacturing to be a strong driver for jobs in Guelph.

Strategically located in the heart of Southern Ontario, Guelph brings together all the advantages of location, resources and quality of life, fostering the growth of life sciences,

agri-food and biotechnology companies. More than 640,000 people are employed in the agri-food and innovation sector and is second in size to the auto industry. There are approximately 6,500 people holding jobs in Guelph in this sector, which includes government, education, biotechnology, agri-food technology, agriculture supply, equipment, food processing, associations, research, marketing and other services.

Environmental technology is a new and emerging sector that is poised for rapid growth. Currently, more than 45 companies and associations make up Guelph's environmental sector with 1,350 people employed in this industry.

As of the 2010 Labour Force Report, the top industries of employment for jobs in Guelph are manufacturing (23.4%), educational services (10.9%), retail trade (9.4%), and health care and social assistance (8.5%).