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Jobs at Magellan Aerospace Corporation

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Employer:Magellan Aerospace Corporation
Industry:Aerospace Product and Parts ManufacturingMEX
Address1:3160 Derry Rd. E. MISSISSAUGA, Ontario L4T 1A9
Number of employees:3000
Country of ownership:Canada
Estimated sales:$50,000,000 +
Year established:1995
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CNC Machinist in Kitchener, Last updated on 02/09/2015

...CNC Machinist Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg (Kitchener ON):"JOB POSTING Classification: Manufacturing Level: 10 or better Rate: $14.55 or better The Company requires additional employees in the above classification. Qualificat......

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12 postings for jobs at Magellan Aerospace Corporation found online since 2011-12-24, including:

Job Title Location Found On
CNC Machinist Kitchener 2015-01-05
CNC Machinist Kitchener 2014-11-28
CNC Machinist Kitchener 2014-10-23
CNC Machinist Kitchener 2014-09-17
6427916 CNC computer numerical control machinist Kitchener 2012-05-17
6197291 Accounting clerk Kitchener 2012-01-06
6197291 Accounting clerk Kitchener 2012-01-01
6193789 User support technician Kitchener 2011-12-30
6197291 Accounting clerk Kitchener 2011-12-29
6193789 User support technician Kitchener 2011-12-27
6193789 User support technician Kitchener 2011-12-24